Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sat Sept 17 Fabrication Feast: Proposed Menu

Here is what we’re thinking for the menu-subject to change, but this gives you an idea:
Curried mustard pickles
Peach chutney
Pickled cabbage
Amish friendship bread
Butter shaken on site from cream in a jar
Honey from the comb

Smoked tomato soup flecked with roasted corn
Pea Tartlet

Vegetable tagine
Roasted leg of lamb with zaatar
Preserved lemon
Mint, yogurt
Sautéed watermelon and watercress
Grains with oat milk

Raspberry and white peach jam
Praline milk jam
Goat cheese cooked cream with herb syrup
Cornmeal sugar cookies
Oat biscuits

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