Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sat Sept 17 Fabrication Feast: Proposed Menu and details

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Saturday Sept 17 at 6:30 pm. Please join us at ADX at 411 SE 11th. Food Inspirations are communities of builders: bees (hive, wax, honey), Amish barn raisings, and Queen Dido/Elissa who fled Tyre (Lebanon) to found Carthage (Tunisia), one of the largest pre-industrial cities, and ancient Rome’s chief rival: feared, reviled, respected, mythologized in art and literature by Timaeus, Vergil, Spenser, Purcell, among others. Any mathematicians want to talk about Dido's theorem (isoperimetric problem?). 

Some of the interactive components may include: diners shaking cream into butter, chipping ice from blocks, and inviting volunteers to bake bread with active yeast starters that will pick up the “terroir” of each baker’s neighborhood/kitchen microclimate, so we can consume and compare to see if we can taste the difference. Get in touch if you’d like us to supply you with the bread materials.

Please contact Meredith Frengs at to inquire about a 1-month membership if you are not an ADX member but would like to check out the ADX shop and make something for the feast.

We want to crowdsource aspects of the event such as greenery for the table, documentation (photographs, video, sketches) and entertainment. Offer it up if you feel so moved:

Proposed menu-subject to change. 

Curried mustard pickles
Peach chutney
Pickled cabbage
Amish friendship bread
Butter from cream
Honey from the comb

Smoked tomato soup flecked with roasted corn
Pea Tartlet

Vegetable tagine
Roasted leg of lamb with zaatar
Preserved lemon
Mint, yogurt
Sautéed watermelon and watercress
Grains with oat milk

Raspberry and white peach jam
Praline milk jam
Goat cheese panna cotta with herb syrup
Cornmeal cookies
Oat biscuits

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