Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Menu Sketch notes for Victorian Feast Aug 21 @ Palace of Industry

The idea is Victorian High/Low: posh food from the manor, street food for urban working class. At vintage store, The Palace of Industry, named after a Victorian textile mill (Kenton neighborhood, 5426 N. Gay). Invites to go out this week for Sunday Aug 21 event. Proposed menu to come soon. 
Victorian era events that are influencing our menu: 

The Importance of Toast
Opening of Suez Canal: citrus and tropical fruits from the east
British Raj: curry
Sugarcane: Colonies in the Caribbean
Ice: from the era of “The Iceman Cometh” via horse and wagon, to refrigerated ships and railroad cars.
Industrialization of food production: canned meats, vegetables and milk
Street food for urban working class  
The importance of herbal remedies for the poor: yarrow for cold and flu

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