Monday, December 16, 2013

Fall: Cobalt 60 Mutagenic BBQ Sauce

Unknown to many...common foods on our supermarket shelves are products of mutagenesis where scientists in a laboratory bombard seeds or plants with radiation—such as with cobalt-60 or gamma rays—to induce mutations.  

The Cobalt 60 bbq sauce highlights five key mutagenic supermarket foods: Rio Red Grapefruit, Milns Golden Promise Barley, Todd’s Mitcham Peppermint, Calrose 76 Rice and Soy. 

The recipe is a blend of old and new food technologies: an ancient Aztec/Mayan recado replete with a variety of chile and aromatic spices that is then combined with supermarket mutants to produce a sauce that is deliciously didactic. For more pictures and information, please see here and here

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