Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Seasonal Affective Dinner: In Medias Res

After much scheming and sketching, Cliff and I have hammered out a menu. That's the amazing Cliff Allen of The People's Pig (downtown at 9th/Alder). And we are excited that Tressa Yellig of Salt Fire Time is running the bar (think horchata and hibiscus tea) and contributing some food fun as well (see below). It's still a proposed menu and subject to change—something might catch our eye at the market, we might figure that there's too much of this or that, or want to add something at the last second. But this is a really good idea of what to expect for next Fri Feb 24. Tickets available via Eventbrite.

First, we always start with "Cocktails and Commerce." I encourage people to bring info or products for their cottage industries, DIY ventures. This has ranged from books to embroidered napkins to Japanese tea ceremony lessons. It's a great way to encourage people to mix and talk. So the first course of appetizers, small bites is served up while people circulate and chatter. After that, we all descend to table for the rest.

Oh, and a quick note: the genesis of the theme. I was thinking about how we are between winter and spring (I am seeing carpets of violets and crocuses and early fruit trees blossoms, yet I am still wearing wool and slogging through frost and mud and cupping hot coffee close to my chest). I love chilly winter splendor and the accompanying and necessary coziness that allows us to survive. My heart also leaps for spring and the promise of sun and more sun. So land of ice/snow made me think Scandinavia. But I wanted to include Icelandic recipes so it became, more properly, "Nordic." And then as a corollary, The Kingdoms of the Sun in the Americas, so Mayan/Aztec/Inca. There's more to say on that front as far as Pre-Columbian and etc. but I'll save that for later.

1st Routing:

Gravad Lax (Cured Salmon), Gravad Lamb Fillet (Cured Lamb)
Buckwheat Cakes. 
Roasted Potatoes and Turnips with Maple vinegar. 
 Skyr (Icelandic soft cheese). *Made by Tressa Yellig of Salt Fire Time. 
Sweet Mustard Sauce.
Cucumber Salad. 
Aquavit-Pickled Onions. 

2nd Routing. Svalbard Beet Soup with Duck Stock. Rye Toast, Dill Butter, Grated Horseradish. (Vegetarian version available). 

3rd Routing. 
Roasted Fish rubbed with Achiote. (Veg option available)
Corn cakes stuffed with black beans and shredded turkey. White cheese crumbles. (Veg. option available). 
Amaranth Greens and Toasted Grains.
Tomatillo salad *Made by Tressa Yellig of Salt Fire Time 
        Sauces Available: Recado or Xak’ (Chile Paste Sauces):
        Relleno Negro. Toasted Garlic, Onion, Chile. 
        Ku’ut bi Ik (Crushed Red Chile Sauce). 
        Naranja Ik (Sour Orange and Chile Salsa). 

Final Routing: 
Pink Snowballs.
Aztec Cocoa Pudding. Chile, Cocoa Nibs. 
Lime Granita. 

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