Friday, July 22, 2011

News update 7.22.2011

Hallo All, we are continuing to evolve and grow this interactive supperclub/art project/food laboratory that we call special snowflake supperclub.

Here's our latest:

We are giving a noontime brunch talk for Research Club on Sunday July 31st at Gallery Homeland 2505 SE 11th

Mark your calendar for Saturday September 17 for Fabrication Feast, a collaborative dinner with the members of ADX Portland. ADX members have been invited to make seating, tables, lighting, linens for the dinner. Snowflake diners are invited to bring their own place settings and “table stories” of their chosen dining kit-Grandma’s hand-embroidered napkin, a childhood plate, a marketplace find from Brooklyn or Morocco? We will be emphasizing every aspect of fabricating a feast and there will be interactive components to the meal. We are sketching menus and current inspirations are communities of makers-honey bees hives and Amish barn raisings. We’ll share more as we continue to plan.

Who knows, we might send a callout for a sudden, caprice-of-the-moment flash mob gathering. Get on our mailing list if you want an alert and invites to all upcoming events:

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